Twitter Tuesday

Ten Twitter Tips to Get You
Through the Day

  1. Find your Niche. There’s gotta be something you love. Be it music, movies, sports, or even politics…*bleh* Try to be good at one specific thing, not just general knowledge.
  2. Find a Job. Twitter is a great place for college students to network and find jobs. There are a few accounts on twitter such as @InternQueen, that will post available internships and such. The sky is the limit.
  3. Choose your words wisely. You want to pick the right words that evoke the right amount of meaning with as few as characters as possible. A thesaurus can help with this.
  4. Forget about Adverbs. Adverbs use up important real estate and your content will be absolutely fine without it. See, there’s an example right there. I didn’t need to use the words “absolutely” and “fine” when “fine” would’ve done a good enough job. Don’t use two words when you can use one.
  5. Make it Personal. Be sure to make your tweets all about you. When they are, more people will want to read them….that is unless you’re not that cool. Relax, I’m kidding, you’re cool, okay? Don’t get your buff sister after me.
  6. Post Frequency. Some people tweet every minute for about an hour or so. Some people tweet once every other hour or so. Some even tweet just once a day and will even skip a day every now and then. I think it is up to you to find your true balance. As with anything that we do, if you do it too frequently, you might become burnt out eventually.
  7. Thank people for the RT. It’s kinda like receiving a gift. When someone retweets one of your tweets you should always thank them. They’ll be more apt to do it again in the future.
  8. RT when Necessary. Much like the tip above, it is very important to RT other tweets when you find them interesting or helpful. It goes a long way, trust me.
  9. Too much of a single thing in your feed. Do you have way too many links in your twitter feed? Do you shamelessly self-promote your blog all day long? If you have the same thing in your updates over and over people will begin to unfollow you or just not care about what you’re writing.
  10. What are you doing? Try not to stick to the oh-so-famous Twitter question. Instead answer some of these other questions: What are you thinking about? What has my interest right now? How can I help someone? What can I share? What made me laugh recently? In fact, try thinking Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.

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